Lana we miss you

We miss Lana, her live music - and we look forward to her comming lyric/spoken - album. Alt er anderledes, hele verdene - håber at alt meget snart bliver normalt igen... så vi atter kan kysse med droningen. Når Lana er blandt sine fans, er hun meget udadvendt, mon hun ikke forsætter på sammen måde som før eoidimien, når der igen er ro på :) 

Det er har været et særdeles hårdt- og usædvanligt start på 2020. I Danmark ser det nu langt bedre ud. Så Lana, når du er klar så start med Danmark, som er en af de lande i verdenen, som har haft mest styr på det. Her roligt og fredeligt. Et af de bedste lande i verdenen. Nu mangler vi  dig til at atter at synge for os. Kom tilbage nu, vi savner dig. 

Du er fantastisk, pas nu godt på dig selv, din famile og dine nærmeste


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The unofficial danish Fan club. /FB. 


Sooo no secret that I love my girl Lana Del Rey, and what do I love more than her? Her hair of course. I don’t care if it’s weave, clip ins, hair extensions, or 100% hers, her hair always looks so frickin’ amazing and I want it! I love her hair so much whether it’s in an extreme bouffant, or in curling waterfalls. She can pull off any hair color which is so rare for people. Or rather they dye their hair whatever color they want and I don’t like how it looks on them. But I love blonde, brunette, or red on this lady. She can do no wrong in my book, none at all. So here are some my favorite sexy hair styles that she has had over the last few years.

Top 10 of Lana Del Rey’s Most Hairgasmic Moments:

1. platinum blonde barbie doll:

Even though I really don’t like when people dye their hair blonde, because the coloring never goes correctly with their skin or they honestly look better darker, I totally love her blonde. She def has the coloring and sweethearts, if you really do wanna go blonde, invest in a specialist. Blonde is sooo not for everybody. Everyone says I should do a honey blonde, when I bleach my hair that’s what it looks like basically. I agree it may look ok on me, but being blonde is so not my life. Being a blue/purple haired person is. Don’t you just wanna put your face on those easy, breezy curls? Way jealous.

2. the bouffant vs. the new millennium:

The 50s on crack. This lady took one of her favorite things about the vintage era and took it to the 21st century with great height. It makes me wanna buy a bunch of those bump it things and stack a bunch on top of my head in some feeble attempt to make my hair look like that. Sadly I’m sure to come up short, very. She makes me wanna get a some extensions and defy gravity with a high rise hairdo. I just need 5 mins with her hair stylist, 5 minutes!

3. revolution of the flower crown:


The world was filled flower crowns getting for the summer babies who were dying to bring out their inner hippie. Head chains slowly turned to little flowers gracing the heads of everyone who had summer and trend close to their heart. But it wasn’t until Lana Del Rey wore the flower crown that we were showed how it was really done. She raised the bar to max and made everyone wish there was a rose bush on their head. I love them too but unless I have Lana hair and not some cheap wilted looking flowers on my head, I will not be wearing them anytime soon.

4.  Ride:


I never wants curls so much in my life after I the video, Ride. My hair is curly but that’s some Orphan Annie vs. Scary Spice on crack shit. These are beautiful, long, luxurious waving curls from heaven. If there ever was a time to have a hairgasm, it certainly is now. You cannot deny the amazingness of her hair in this vid. There’s no fucking denying it. I love when she has that big red bow in her hair and she just looks like a grown up Little Red Riding Hood or something. In looooooooove. Ringlets from heaven. *sigh* Why can’t my hair do that?!

5. Hollywood waves:

Those waves!!! I’m sooo jealous! I love these old Hollywood glamour, finger waves. Amazing. She always look so beautiful with them, so long and effortlessly curling down her back. I don’t know why people hate on her so much when she is just beautiful and her hair is one of those things that make her so. My aunt always said your hair is your beauty so you must always take care of your hair. Well this girl knows how to do it. Can’t she just come out with extensions like everyone else?

6. color me red, or is it auburn? golden brown?:


What color is it? Is it technically red, but a light brown? Is it just a nice auburn, leaning toward a golden brown? Whatever it is, it’s red and I looove red heads so watch out Lana. Once again, pulling off a color that would just look like copper gone wrong or a lesson on not to bleach your hair on most people, Lana pulls this color effortlessly and makes you keep guessing what category of color it falls under. I just wish that color was on my head, but not really. I’m def one of those people that should never wear this color.

7. blacker than lacquer:


I loooove her dark! It may seem startling at first but real quick you’ll realize it’s striking more than anything else. Chocolate brown, black, black brown, idc what it is I love it! This just makes her seem like a living doll. Especially with all those curls or billowing waves. Why can’t my hair billow? I want to billow, too!! Anyway, just another reason to be jealous of her. She’s that best friend you secretly wanna kill and then possess their body because, how much more of your beauty are we supposed to take? It means we love we you.

8. I believe it’s just brown:


It’s just dull ol’ brown here, coming to grace the head of Lana Del Rey, who can never look dull. The brown shines off her head like newly shined leather. How can anyone ever complete with that? Browns don’t dare to look mousy or frumpy on her, no they look like some color you never thought to dye your hair and you realize that’s the color your grandmother had before she went completely grey. I’m a take your grandma style, that’s what her hair color is saying. Also, it helps you to embrace the mousiness that surrounds your own head. My hair is naturally a dark brown but I hate it, why can’t it just be black? I always dye it black or blue black. I like my hair as dark as possible, or as bright as my hair is now blue, purple, and a little pink. But if it’s gunna be colorful, it’s gunna be colorful.

9. straight and narrow:


She’s a real girl, I swear! For those days when we can’t find our XXXL bump it, and our curling iron has finally shorted out, Lana does what every other girl does. K.I.S.S.= Keep It Straight Stupid! For those times where she refuses another crimp in her hair or an ant hill of teased up hair, going stick straight is the answer. Lana just proves to you, that yes she can pull any hair style, boo ya bitches! When all she needs is a blow out to keep the haters away, Lana is no short of beautiful.

10. let’s play pretend:


As if you weren’t already jealous of her hair, people have flexed their Photoshop skills to dye Lana’s hair to show how jealous you could really get. She looks completely amazing with these colors and if she really dyed her hair these colors, I wouldn’t be mad one bit. Just supremely jealous. But this just reaffirms that this bitch can dye her hair any color and still look really really fucking good.

Now how jealous are you? I know I’m totally green! Love her, hate her, or wanna murder and be her, you fucking love her. There’s no denying that great head of hair of hers: the styles! the colors! the effortless waves! If I ever do catch the fame bug, me and her hair stylist need to have a looooong talk. I see long dark waves in my feature… preferably blue and purple.


Gucci Bloom

Den 3. maj var Lana med til at lancere en ny duftserie for Gucci Bloom, sammen med en række andre kendis i NY. Mange kendte deltog i festlighederne, i en noget kulørt & avantgarde tøjstil. Lana var klart den bedst klædte, elegant og nydelig. Nedenunder har jeg lavet et mine slideshow over seancen. Et af de bedste billeder er hvor Lana står med et lille barn på armen.

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